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Winter 2023 Updates: 2024 Hedgerow HOA Board, new CMA contact, Holiday decorating events, 2024 dues

1. 2024 HOA Board: Following our October 2023 annual meeting, the neighbors voted in 4 board members to join the 3 board members returning from the 2022 vote. After the meeting and election of positions, 1 of the members had to step down and the board voted in a 7th member. The following board members have been voted in and assumed their roles for the 2024 year.

Nicholas Collins - President

Keith Slagle - Vice President

Justin Augustine - Secretary

Chuck Coleman - Treasurer

Ryan Cody - Grounds

Ben Booker - Pool Chair

Marshall Moore - Architectural Control

2. New CMA Contact: Sally Mooney replaces Madi Barta.

Phone: 404-835-9174

3. Pavilion and Cookie Decorating:

Pavilion Decorating is scheduled for Sunday December 3, 2023, from 2-3:30 pm

with Cookie Decorating for the family following from 4-5 pm.

For more information, see the posts on the Hedgerow Facebook page.

4. Dues: The HOA board would like to remind everyone that annual dues of $795 will be due on March 1, 2023. Be on the lookout for your bill in the mail in early January. Also, CMA released a new website last year (Welcome Neighbors! ( for homeowners to sign up. You can pay the dues via mail to CMA when you get the bill or go online at CMA's new portal to make a payment (Make A payment on CMA's website).

For updates, always remember check


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