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Beach Ball in Pool

Pool Info

This section provides what you need to know about the pool season. 



Click below for tennis, pickleball, pavilion and pool reservations.

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Tennis & Pickleball

Click below for details on

Tennis at Hedgerow 1 and 

Pickleball courts at Hedgerow 3

If you need a replacement amenity keycard. please contact the board via e-mail.  The replacement cost is $25, and only one can be assigned per household, so we will deactivate the other card if it eventually shows up. The board cannot accept any money personally so all payments must go to CMA.


Please mail your payment to (noting "Keycard replacement" in the "For" section): 

Hedgerow Homeowners Association Inc
c/o Community Management Associates, Inc.
PO Box 65851
Phoenix, AZ 85082-5851


When you send in the payment, please let the board know via, and we can issue a new card while deactivating the lost card. It can take a few days to a week for the board to issue the keycard, but we do our best to get it to you promptly. 

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