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Property Improvement Application
The Hedgerow Homeowners Association Board is committed to helping preserve the overall environment of our community. One of the tasks of the Board is to approve resident requests for property improvements under the community covenants and restrictions. The Committee will do their best to reply back with an official response in a timely manner, but please allow a maximum of 30 days to respond.  Please feel free to reach back out to the board ( if you have not received a response within 30 days.


Type of Request

Required Attachments

Exterior Painting

  • Paint samples of finished product

  • Identify Color for specific location (i.e., sidint, trim, shutters, front door, garage)

Exterior Modification (addition to home, portico, porch, etc.)

  • Engineering drawings, architect's renderings for each elevation and materials to be used.

  • Indicate where modifications are to be made on house.


  • Detailed drawings/elevations indicating all changes, designs, and materials to be used.

Fence/Retaining Wall

  • Elevation drawing, type of fence or wall, height, materials to be used.

  • Site plan showing location to main house, distances to property lines.


  • Roofing material (sample required) and design pattern/style


  • Detailed information and plans to better understand the request (i.e., material samples)

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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