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2024 Hedgerow Social Events Calendar

Easter Egg Hunt

  • Sunday, March 24th

    • H3 & H5 playgrounds: 3-4 pm

  • We are NOT asking for eggs to be dropped off before the event, but we will have a bin for eggs to be returned at the event and for the week after (located at the H3 and H5 playgrounds) for egg return. 

  • If anyone would like to donate eggs to the social committee before the event, please reach out to Megan Breslow ( to arrange pickup.

Wine Tasting (H5 Pavilion)

  • Thursday, April 11th, Time 8-10 pm

  • Details: Social Committee asks that you contribute $10 to attend to help cover the wine cost (Venmo payment in FB event details)

Yoga Morning (H3 Playground)

  • Saturday, April 27th at 10 am

  • Details: Bring your own yoga mat.

Mother's Day Crafts

  • Saturday, May 11th, time 10-11 am at Hedgerow 1 Pavilion

School’s Out Ice Cream Pool Party

  • Wednesday, May 22nd, time 2-4 pm (at H1 and H5 pools)

  • Ice cream bars and delicious treats provided.

Memorial Day BBQ

Movie Night 1 - TITLE TBD

  • Friday, June 7th, time TBD (depending on darkness)

  • Details: Hedgerow 1 Pavilion

Father's Day Crafts

  • Saturday, June 15th at Hedgerow 5 Pavilion

  • Details TBD

4th of July BBQ

  • Thursday, July 4th, time TBD (at both pools)

  • Food to be provided.


    • H1: Details TBD

    • H5: Details TBD

Movie Night 2 - TITLE TBD

  • Saturday, July 13th, time TBD (depending on darkness)

  • Details TBD

Back to School Pool Party

  • Saturday, July 27th, time TBD (at H1 and H5 pools)

  • Details TBD

First Friday Party

  • Friday, August 9th, time TBD

  • Details TBD

Adult Summer Luau

  • Saturday, August 24, time 7 pm (H1 pavilion/pool area)

  • Details: Kid DJ of Roswell

Labor Day BBQ

  • Hot dogs and Hamburgers to be provided.

  • Sunday, September 1st, time TBD (at H5 pool) H5 Event Page

    • WHAT TO BRING: ​ H5: Sign-up genius

  • Monday, September 2nd, time TBD (at H1 pool) H1 Event Page

    • WHAT TO BRING: H1: Sign-up genius

Bourbon Tasting Night

  • Thursday, September 12th

  • Details TBD

Fall Festival

  • Saturday in October, time TBD (H5 pavilion/parking lot)

  • Lots of games and activities for kids so bring the whole family!

Movie Night 3 - TITLE TBD

  • Saturday, October 26th, time TBD (depending on darkness)

  • Details TBD

Halloween Pizza Party

  • Thursday, October 31st, time TBD (at H1 and H5 pavilions)

  • Food to be provided.

  • We will dismiss for trick-or-treating around 5:45 pm

Holiday Party

  • Sunday, December 8, time TBD

  • Details TBD


  • Sunday, December 15, time TBD

  • Details TBD


Hedgerow I-IV 2024 Social Committee: Megan Breslow, Arlene Antoci,  Zaida Gutierrez, and Kristin Sweitzer

Hedgerow V 2024 Social Committee: Lauren Lewin, Kelly Dundon, Kimberly Haynes, Elizabeth Miller, and Brittini Peavey

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