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HR1 Pavilion, Mabry Construction, Sprinklers & Flowers.

Here is an update Justin Augustine recently provided on the Hedgerow Facebook page:

Hello Everyone,

The HR1 pavilion project has faced many challenges since we started in winter (weather, drainage, vendor delays and county approvals). The biggest hurdle has been the Cobb County Fire Marshal's requirements. When we started construction, the Fire Marshal wanted both the charcoal grills placed outside the pavilion. This would look terrible, defeat one of the purposes of the pavilion and be no different than before. So, we as a board decided to pursue the other option which is to get a hood system with a fire suppression system installed. This has turned out to be an exercise in bureaucracy. We're on our second vent vendor (the first vendor got overwhelmed with Cobb County and quit half way) and making progress. Should have the vent system installed in a few weeks.

We only get one chance to build a structure like this, might as well do it correctly. At the time of the HR5 construction four years ago, the Cobb country rules were different and therefore we didn't require a vent there. Looking to add a vent in HR5 next year.

Mabry Construction has taken longer than expected and the final water tie in for HR5 is planned for 7/30 at night.

Flowers are going in late. We have had multiple issues with broken sprinkler heads in the various beds. HR1 to HR4 will be getting flowers and larger beds installed this week. We need to wait until the Mabry construction crew finishes their HR5 work after 7/30 for flowers in H5.

There is lot going on in grounds this year and I'm doing the best I can do, please reach out to me directly (messenger) if you'd like to review any items further. Thanks.


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