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Hedgerow Herald - July 2023 Edition

SOCIAL EVENTS: (Link to 2023 Full Social Event Calendar)

Tuesday July 4th -

H1: Bike Parade at 11 am, BBQ at 12 pm

H5: BBQ at 12 pm

WHAT TO BRING: H1: Sign-up genius

H5: Check H5 Facebook group page

Back to School Ice Cream Social -

Both Pools: Saturday, July 29th

from 2 - 4 pm

Adult Luau at H1 pavilion -

H1: Saturday, August 19th: 7 - 10 pm

Pool Season Information:

Planned pool closing date is Sunday, September 17th.

​Pool Information and Rules can be found at POOL & TENNIS | Hedgerow HOA (

2023 Pool Lifeguard Update:

  • For lifeguard coverage, check the top of the homepage throughout pool season for the planned lifeguard schedule for both pools.

  • If a lifeguard is not present, please observe Swim-at-your-risk.

  • For private pool parties, feel free to reach out to Nautix (770-485-3672) to schedule an additional lifeguard. The latest rate we were quoted was $35/hour for the additional lifeguard typically with a 2-hour minimum.

If you need a replacement amenity keycard. please contact the board. The replacement cost is $25, and only one can be assigned per household, so we will deactivate the other card if it eventually shows up. The board cannot accept any money personally so all payments must go to CMA.

Please mail your payment to

CMA c/o Hedgerow HOA

1465 Northside Drive

Suite #128

Atlanta, Ga 30318

When you send in the payment, please let the board know via, and we can issue a new card while deactivating the lost card. It can take a few days to a week for the board to get to issuing the cards but we do our best to get it delivered to your mailbox promptly.

Tennis Courts: Please keep swimmers off the tennis courts unless they are playing tennis with the proper footwear and rackets. No baseball or wheels on the courts please.

Pet Droppings: Please continue to be considerate of your neighbors by picking up after your pet when walking in the neighborhood.

Architectural Control Reminders: As summer has arrived and more projects around the house and yards start to happen, a reminder that some of these projects need HOA Architectural Control approval. For all updates & changes to exterior of homes & yards, including but not limited to: painting, exterior remodeling/renovations, landscaping, fencing, re-roofing, structural change to house, or any major changes to your yard. Please provide to the ACC and Board a home improvement application with detailed information - drawings, plans, color swatches, etc. We will try to get back to your request within 48-72 hours. However, by-laws state the board has up to 30 days to approve. Link to ACC forms

Summer Reminders:

  • Landscaping:

  1. Homeowners are responsible for all maintenance of lawns, shrubs, trees, and/or landscaping materials. Lawns that are dying or dead, full of weeds, or neglected need attention.

  2. Please remove any dead or dying trees from your property. They pose a danger not just to your house but possibly to your neighbor’s house as well.

  3. Please also keep ivy trimmed and confined to your yard.

  4. Please be sure to clear all gutters and roofs of leaves and mold.

  • Vehicle and RV Storage: No vehicle may be “continuously” parked on the street by homeowners. All cars must be permanently parked in driveways or garages. If cars are parked on the street, it creates a major liability as children may not be seen by oncoming cars. In addition, please store recreational/commercial vehicles, boats, or trailers outside of Hedgerow.

Meeting Notes and Newsletters: These are posted under "More", "Newsletters & More" webpage (NEWSLETTERS & MORE | Hedgerow HOA ( This includes minutes from the Board's most recent meeting in May 2023.


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