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Cobb County Zoning - Sandy Plains Village

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

When this message was copied, pasted and posted yesterday, I failed to mention the information below was sent from Garrison Oaks HOA to their homeowners. This does not represent the Hedgerow HOA Board of Director's position but is being shared for your information and action if you so choose.

"For those of you who have been following the rezoning application posted at Sandy Plains Village, here’s a quick update for you. This rezoning (Z-37) has been continued in front of the planning commission and will happen on August 4. If you are opposed to a high density addition like this (41 townhomes) please send a quick email stating your opposition to it. Please consider the following when you write your emails:

Proposed rezoning is too dense for the adjacent neighborhood. Not consistent with the Cobb County Comprehensive Plan. Traffic (which they will argue won’t be an issue per the traffic study they’re spinning) but feel free to communicate that it will impact you. School impact. Garrison Mill is currently over capacity. This development as well as Z-40 on Wesley Chapel which is also being heard on Aug 4, (to build 81 homes and clear cut acres of trees) would surely overcrowd schools if it’s passed as well. Send your opposition emails to: Tony.waybright@cobbcounty.org John.pederson@cobbcounty.org Bob.ott@cobbcounty.org You can oppose both Z-37 and Z-40 We’re all for redevelopment of the vacant Walmart in Sandy Plains Village, but high density townhomes is not the right fit. This is your opportunity as taxpayers to be heard and your email will be counted!

Thank you for your consideration in taking action."


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