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American Disposal Update

Hello HR! The board is very aware of the challenges we're facing regarding American Disposal. We're actually paying for services we're not getting, like only getting recycling every two weeks instead of every week and often late services. I've spoken to them many times about these issues. Their response to these questions is directly related to COVID and the lack of employees. The service industry as a whole has been impacted by COVID, not just American Disposal.

Now What?

I've called and emailed several companies based on recommendations from neighbors and appreciate the input. The only company that has responded and is interested is Custom Disposal. Take a look at the comparison below:

The pick up frequency is the same, there is a potential 60% increase in fees and still no guarantee of service. To move to Custom Disposal, they would need to have 90% of Hedgerow signed up (plus a $20 initiation fee per home). We are less than 75% with American Disposal.

At this time and based on the available data the board is not going to pursue Custom Disposal. We are under a "handshake" agreement with American Disposal from 2017.

It's up to individual owners to decide if they want to move to a different vendor or stay with American Disposal. If that happens, it's possible we'd not get our yearly one time bulk pick-up.


Our communication strategy does not include Facebook. We will post links to our Website from there. If you have a concern or want to talk about this or anything related to our neighborhood, please email


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