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Updates to Pool Rules

Hello Neighbors!

As Cara posted on the Hedgerow Facebook page yesterday afternoon, the board met on Tuesday to vote on current changes to our pool rules. As we have already stated, changes will continue to be made as the Governor changes restrictions. This could increase or decrease our usability depending on how our summer continues. After the proposed changes were approved by our attorney and Nautix, we are implementing the following changes.

As always, please continue to be patient, and know that changes cannot be made overnight. A great deal of organization must happen, and we are only 1 community while Nautix has many to manage. These changes should be in effect by tomorrow. The zones are currently set up with the zone closest to the gate on your right being zone #1 and go #1-9 around the pool deck. Thank you for continuing to be flexible!

Changes in pool policy in response to new governor’s order for 6/16. - Add 3 additional pool zones to bring capacity from 30 to 45 - Keep 2 hour reservations with 6 slots per household weekly (depending on usage). (The reservation system and lifeguard coverage continues to help with cleaning and sanitizing compliance that is currently in effect. - Allow children 12 and older to swim at the pool unattended by an adult. (Remember that a child is using a family reservation, and you may have only 1 account per household. Please be sure to email me your pool rules agreement and child waiver form before they are allowed to attend.) - Continue with existing alternating morning and evening hours at both pools. - Continue with No "swim at your own risk" or visitors at this time.

-4th of July pool party is currently cancelled for both pools.

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