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Updated Pool Hours & Coverage

Please read updates regarding the pool hours and coverage as Cara provides below:

Hello Row! As we now move into school starting, our pool hours and coverage are changing starting tomorrow. We will now have Swim-at-your-own-risk from 10am-8pm on weekdays (M-F). We will have lifeguards on Saturday and Sunday 10-8. This schedule will continue through Oct 4, and the pool will be closed for the season on Oct 5. If we have issues with weather or covid, we may close earlier in September. I will keep you posted.

We still have an issue with sanitation compliance in order to keep our pools open (even with limited use). I plan to post an online signup for residents to volunteer to spray down chairs and bathrooms on the weekdays. This is something easy to do while you are there with the kids. Without volunteers, we cannot continue weekday pool openings.

Please remember that children under 18 are NOT ALLOWED at the pool unattended without a lifeguard. They must be with an adult.

Please continue to use the Nautix R&R system to reserve your time slots. That will not change for the remainder of the season.

Thanks everyone!


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