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Mailbox Madness!

Need a new mailbox? Many neighbors already have this same mailbox, and you can too! Here is the link to have yours installed.

-WHEN IS THE LAST DAY I CAN ORDER TO RECEIVE A DISCOUNTED PRICE?  There is a limited number of mailboxes at the discount price of $351.  Buy now before they are gone!

*Price includes installation

-DOES SOMEONE NEED TO BE HOME DURING INSTALLATION? No one is required to be home during the installation process. If you have any special requests, please notify us beforehand by emailing

-WHEN WILL MY MAILBOX BE INSTALLED? Our typical lead time is 3-5 business days weather permitting.  

-SHOULD I BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE LANDSCAPING SURROUNDING MY MAILBOX? If there are flowers, vines, or other shrubbery that you would like to preserve, we recommend that you remove those plants prior to the installation and replant them afterwards. Although our installers will do their best to protect your landscaping, sometimes the removal of flowers, vines, or other shrubbery is necessary in order to properly install the mailbox and we cannot guarantee that any foliage or landscaping in the area of the installation will be protected.  As well, we do not offer shrub removal services due to the threat that roots can pose to utility lines. 

-DO YOU INSTALL WITH CONCRETE? All mailboxes installed by Addresses of Distinction are installed using concrete. We warranty all installations for a period of one year. When your mailbox is installed, please wait 24 hours before applying pressure to the post, as it takes some time for the concrete to fully cure.

-DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY? Yes. We warranty all of our products against manufacturing or workmanship defects for one year. Click this link for more info.


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