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Hedgerow Herald - January 2024 Edition - Dues Notice

  1. Dues: The HOA board would like to welcome everyone into the New Year and with that, a reminder that annual dues of $795 will be due on March 1, 2024. Be on the lookout for your bill in the mail as they arrived in most mailboxes today. PLEASE NOTE THE COVER PAGE STATES LOCH HIGHLAND BUT THE ACCOUNT STATEMENT AND NUMBER ARE FOR HEDGEROW. Also, CMA released a new website in 2022 (Welcome Neighbors! ( for homeowners to signup. You can pay the dues via mail to CMA when you get the bill or go online at CMA's new portal to make a payment (Make A payment on CMA's website).

  2. Website: The Hedgerow website was upgraded to include many new features. These upgrades include:

  • Email notifications of new posts (like from this post). To sign up, go to "More", "Community" webpage (COMMUNITY | Hedgerow HOA (

  • All forms previously submitted to the board for Architectural Improvement, Concerns, or Temporary Breach of HOA Covenants/Bylaws are fillable on the website and submitted directly there to the board. These are accessed under "Architectural Control" webpage (ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL | Hedgerow HOA ( These forms are newly developed by a member of the board, so please let us know if you encounter issues with the forms.

  • Meeting Notes and Newsletters are posted under "More", "Newsletters & More" webpage (NEWSLETTERS & MORE | Hedgerow HOA ( This includes minutes from the Board's most recent meeting in November 2023.


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