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Hedgerow Herald - February 2023 Edition

Dues: The HOA board would like to send a reminder that annual dues of $795 will be due on March 1, 2023. Be on the lookout for your bill in the mail if you haven't received it already. Some homeowners started receiving their payment coupons last week. Also, CMA released a new website (which Hedgerow utilizes to collect annual dues) this past summer (Welcome Neighbors! ( for homeowners to sign up. You can pay the dues via mail to CMA when you get the bill or go online at CMA's new portal to make a payment (Make A payment on CMA's website).

From CMA's website: CMA offers homeowners several ways to manually pay association fees. Fee-free payments may be made by signing up for Auto-Draft through your online account. Your online banking system can also send in payments for free (to the address below). Mailed check payments are processed for free. One-time eCheck and one-time Credit Cards payments made online incur a fee imposed by the processing bank. Please review your payment page as it will reflect all processing fees in addition to the payment you are making.

If you would like to mail a check (to the address below), pay using your bank or credit union's bill pay service. If you have your account number, put it in the MEMO section. If you do not know your account number, feel free to reach out to the board and a board member can look it up for you. Payments should be mailed to:

Hedgerow HOA

c/o CMA

PO Box 65851

Phoenix, AZ 85082-5851

Website: The Hedgerow website is being upgraded to include many new features. These upgrades include:

  • All forms previously submitted to the board for Architectural Improvement, Concerns, or Temporary Breach of HOA Covenants/Bylaws are fillable on the website and submitted directly there to the board. These are accessed under "Architectural Control" webpage (ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL | Hedgerow HOA ( These forms are newly developed by a member of the board, so please let us know if you encounter issues with the forms.

  • Meeting Notes and Newsletters are posted under "More", "Newsletters & More" webpage (NEWSLETTERS & MORE | Hedgerow HOA ( This includes minutes from the Board's most recent meeting in December 2022.


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